"Finally the NHS using tech to improve user experience."

- Becky Gollard, Patient

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DrDoctor empowers patients to view, change and schedule outpatient appointments themselves, online, on smartphone or by conversational SMS.

Once they’re onboarded we then move patients up the digital value chain, for example, using outcome measures and need based scheduling to slash face to face followup appointments, while giving you better insight into their wellbeing.

Patients using DrDoctor have a better experience and are more likely to attend. All with fewer phone calls and less admin.

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Initial contact

Get clear information to patients before they step foot in your hospital. Starting with a simple welcome and referral details message, patients set their own preferences, meaning communication is personalised and relevant. Reduce calls to your booking centre chasing referrals by 50%.


Right patient, right place, right time. Establish an effective two-way communication with your patients through their online portal and directly via text message. Automate rescheduling, partial booking and clinic admin. Reduce DNA rates by 30%, churn and cancellation rates by 20% and improve choice.


Further improve your hospital’s patient communications with our powerful advanced functionalities. Fill empty slots in clinics, bespoke your pathways using outcome measures, provide rapid access clinics or automate your TCI calls.

Patient online

Our patient portal provides patients with clinic level information. Deliver way-finding, self help, patient information and overview of their care pathway in one place. All tied into your administration systems and configured in real time.

Last minute cancellations

We know that most patients who cancel do so at the last minute, and refilling those slots can be tough. DrDoctor automatically looks for empty slots in clinics, and offers those to patients on your waiting lists. This reduces RTT times and wait list sizes.... and patients love it! See the video below for an example.

Needs based scheduling

Using our outcome tools, measure how your patients are getting on, and then use needs based scheduling to see the sick patients first, and the well ones not at all.


30% lower DNA rates

Hospitals which use DrDoctor see a 30% reduction in DNA rates, over and above normal SMS or voice reminders.

Activity up 10%

Improve your clinic utilisation and convert empty slots to activity.

2440 waiting years saved

DrDoctor reduces wait and RTT times. Across the NHS we've already saved thousands of hours.

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