Case Study

Frimley Health saves £1.9m with DrDoctor

30% more appointments attended, 50% fewer phone calls, waiting lists cleared.

Key Facts

  • 30% more appointments attended

  • Waiting lists cleared

  • 50% cut in phone calls

  • Partial booking rolled out

  • Increase in patient choice and self-management

  • Happier patients!


As one of the country’s leading foundation trusts, Frimley Health has 800 beds and sees around 500k patients per year.


Before DrDoctor came onboard, Frimley Health booking centres were sending text message reminders and follow-up calls.


The team wanted to improve patient services despite ongoing financial pressures on the NHS. This meant achieving annual efficiency savings of at least 4%.

What DrDoctor did:

Frimley Health achieved these outcomes as patients can now self-manage their care thanks to DrDoctor automating the clinic booking, rescheduling and reminder system. Patients choose to receive confirmations and reminders online, by text message, or email. If they are no longer able to make an appointment, they can view other available times, select an alternative that works for them, book it, and receive a confirmation. All of this is done without any phone calls and is fully integrated with the iPM patient administration system at Frimley Health.

The Trust now has much happier patients and a solid technology base to build on.

DrDoctor is a wonderful tool. It has really helped us reach out to patient in a way that they are most familiar with today.

It has helped our communication, enabled better clinic utilisation, helped bring our waiting list down and helped reduce our DNAs.

Sophia Fitzpatrick, Frimley Health FT