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Healthcare is a complicated hardworking machine of human endeavour- let’s celebrate every cog

The DrDoctor office had a makeover recently. We worked together with artist @SPZero76 (Keith) and creative collaborative @AnyForty, to represent the health system we see. We’re all so proud of the design and a lot of thinking went behind the bright spray paint. The wall now portrays the DrDoctor philosophy in a visual form.

Healthcare is complicated. The design features a hospital at the forefront of a giant machine. It’s an enormous hard-working machine of human endeavour. And because healthcare is a machine it can break down or run slower than we would like. It can temporarily lose its humanity and even end up hurting people when not running optimally. Yet for the most part it works, and we wouldn’t abide a world without it.

Often the culture in healthcare is to promote the strengths and hide the frailties, by promoting shiny, clean details of the machine and reciting only the warm fuzzy human stories. Our mural is about the real machine. It’s honest and it’s complicated. We patch it up when it starts to fail, and we expect it to cope with ever more complexity as we grow our demands of it.

There are many faces to the machine, hidden. The lady who can’t bring herself to retire because her hospital is so dependent on her organising the clinics. The jolly porter who reassures scared and anxious people on their way to surgery. The middle manager who fights hard (and even makes enemies) to make the system change for the better.

We wanted to recognise and celebrate those whose work is invisible. Who work in the hidden bowels of the machine. For the countless cogs turning in the basements, porta-cabins and business parks. The people who make our health service run. We are committed to doing our bit in supporting the healthcare system machinery run better.

Our mural includes a Yucca plant that was purchased for the original DrDoctor office when the entire team consisted of only six members. We didn’t think it would last very long. It did. Today we are a growing team of 27 people who share the same philosophy and ideology of helping the NHS run better. Together we want to celebrate healthcare through this amazing work of art.