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Building a real time dashboard in Splunk

June 11, 2015

Over 4 days I worked on a dashboard in Splunk, in hope that it would help the DrDoctor team progress in their work. Businesses use Splunk to search, monitor, analyse and visualize machine data. My objective was to create a dashboard full of statistical data including the reschedules, reminders and logins daily that

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UCLH Maternity: Friends and Family test with a 40% response rate

January 28, 2014

The Friends and Family Test (FFT) is an excellent tool for Trusts wishing to collect real time feedback on patient experience. Although a coarse measure, correctly used it can identify issues in service provision quickly. This allows fast focused service improvement. Critically, it also identifies areas of exceptional care, so

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EHI Live

November 15, 2013

EHI live is always a highlight of the conference year. Lots of opportunity to see the latest developments in healthcare IT and catch up with friends. We decided to make our own impact on the show by handing out stickers advertising our Friends and Family test demo and appointment management

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iWCG Patient Experience Symposium

July 15, 2013

We were lucky enough to be invited by the always effervescent Neil Bacon to the 2nd National Symposium on Patient Experience, run by iWGC. Focused on delivering the Friends and Family Test (FFT) across inpatients, maternity and A&E. The speakers were truly inspirational (an overused word) – the honesty and