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Exceptional, patient centric care

93% of your patients use the internet to shop, bank and communicate with their family. Meanwhile, your hospitals rely on paper, spreadsheets and manual processes. Activity increases year on year, finances and targets are squeezed.

Together, we have a solution. DrDoctor is your partner to harness mobile technology and deliver a new way of working. Automated, more effective, patient centric and outcome led.

Hospitals like Guys and St Thomas, Frimley and Yeovil use our tools to transform their patient access and save millions.


  • Improve referral to treatment time
  • Increase attendance by over 15%
  • Reduce non-attendance by 47%
  • 96% of patients recommend the service – Increase patient satisfaction
  • Reduce routine clinic admin

Engaged patients

Last year over 4 million patients chose DrDoctor as the quickest, easiest way to manage their appointments.

Less work for staff

Our technology automates repetitive tasks leaving your teams free to care for those who need it most.

More efficient clinics

We deliver 10% greater throughput and a 40% reduction in DNA rates in 2-4 months saving our NHS clients £1-3m per year.


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